Gaining a healthy but also proactive perspective

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What you can learn from a building

Have you ever seen the inside of an unfinished house?

No honey, what you are seeing is “politeness” and “etiquette.”

There is a dire importance in recognizing the difference between “discomfort” and “danger.”

Photo Credit: CNN — Simone Biles on balance beam

What Simone faced was dangerous.

#1 Stop telling these men to focus on women age 20 to 25.

#2 Stop telling a man that women are “run through” if they’ve had multiple previous partners

Allow me to explain…

Most of us will be polyamorous at some point.

At some point, we either

Satirical cartoon of Iran leadership and former US President Donald Trump from “US News and World Report”

Why is the Iranian government called “regime” but most of the world’s governments are known as “administration or leadership” or some other positive and respectful terminology?

However, this word, “regime,” is often weaponized and it’s not the only term used to do so.

It’s not like a map where you can see the location of the physical point you will be.

Perfection is a disorder we must overcome

In Beyonce’s hit song “Pretty Hurts,” she sings, “Perfect is a disease of a nation.” and yes, she’s damn right.

Ruth BAder Ginsberg walking with President Barack Obama

Jessica Bordelon Mashael

I am all the stuff of Millenials — Multitasker, Hustler, Unapologetic, Humanitarian. I write about Growth: wealth, relationships, spirituality and more. :-)

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