Are we focusing on the right thing?

Businesses are crying about lack of employees and high rates of turnover as people quit to pursue other jobs. The question is: if all these businesses were “fully” staffed before the pandemic, where have the employees gone.

What is Passive Income?

Passive Income is money that you earn with little physical effort and most of the work being digital communication or setup. Basically, easier to earn money.

How can you get started?

There are so many ways to earn money digitally and most are specific to your own skills, so if you have specific skillsets, you…

How to advance finances with your activism intact and central

I have noticed some very kind and amazing people feeling unsure about pursuing economic advancement.

When one particular person found out I officially started buying property, he was shocked because in his mind, how could someone pursue economic accrual of real estate and resources and put forth energy into community building.

Another person asked detailed…

Selecting the best bank for your needs and goals

Why do so many people feel like they owe the bank?

We have this cultural misconception when it comes to “debt.” Dating back to the Depression era children, all the way to today, a lot of our families have taught us to fear debt and to fear the bank, or at the least, feel “less powerful than” the banks.

As with…

Jessica Bordelon Mashael

I am all the stuff of Millenials — Multitasker, Hustler, Unapologetic, Humanitarian. I write about Growth: wealth, relationships, spirituality and more. :-)

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