The way a newbie and a pro look at trends is markedly different.

excitement or fear.

A pro weighs the news of the trends against what she/he plans to do.So here’s how to think like a pro:

1. What amount of capital or assets do you have available?

You have to know…

Gaining a healthy but also proactive perspective

Level 1:

Are you in immediate physical danger at this moment? Is anyone in your household in immediate physical danger?

Level 2:

Do you have water, food, shelter, clothing and the resources to clean yourself and your clothing?

Level 3:

Do you have means of communication: phone and/or computer? Are…

Because it does not mean you actually care.

When Black-Indigenous-POC people discuss the ways racism manifest in the modern world, some white people say we are being divisionary because most of them are not rude or harassing POC.

A lot of these specific white people will say “But most of…

Do you agree with the following statements?

We all deserve safety, food, water and shelter.

We all deserve equal access to education, employment and healthcare.

We all deserve equal access to economic participation.

We all deserve freedom of religion and speech.

We all deserve to not be mistreated or to…

There is a dire importance in recognizing the difference between “discomfort” and “danger.”

Let’s dive into it.

Photo Credit: CNN — Simone Biles on balance beam

Don’t use Simone’s decision as an excuse for you to back out or withdraw from your goals, relationships, etc.

ALL SUCCESS requires some discomfort.

When Simone practices, she too feels discomfort in her…

Satirical cartoon of Iran leadership and former US President Donald Trump from “US News and World Report”

Why is the Iranian government called “regime” but most of the world’s governments are known as “administration or leadership” or some other positive and respectful terminology?

Don’t get me wrong. I recognize that the current Iranian leadership has enacted unfair practices against its people, much like Russia, Turkey, and most…

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I am all the stuff of Millenials — Multitasker, Hustler, Unapologetic, Humanitarian. I write about Growth: wealth, relationships, spirituality and more. :-)

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