How running made me better

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
2 min readFeb 13, 2024

it’s not just the health benefits of managing your weight, the extra energy, reduced anxiety, and improved scores on bloodwork. and it’s not just for the thin or muscular either. If you know me, you know I am solid and curvy. Running is not beyond the reach of your body, I promise.

Running has Healing and Building powers that go beyond what you might think.

Here’s what I mean…


Ever since I was a child, when life got uncomfortable or too demanding, I released the tension by running. With every extra quarter mile I covered, the more at ease my spirit felt and the better I was at returning to the tasks at hand — whatever life needed me to take care of at that time.

With every ounce of sweat, it’s like tension flows away, anger leaves, emotional pain is alleviated. This is the therapeutic side of running. It may seem crazy but if you just start, even with a half mile, you’ll feel what I’m talking about and maybe you’ll start to want more.

More than anything… it’s the BUILDING

Running is one of the surest ways to Build some of the greatest strengths and fortitude — endurance, commitment, resilience in the face of that looming “wall” every runner experiences — and the reward of the high that follows once you get through that wall.

You find yourself more deeply when you run.

You test out the limits of your mind. Can you think your way through the desire to stop?

See our bodies and mind evolved to do “just enough” to survive. That’s how far evolution got us. So when the body detects it is using more energy than necessary, it says “hey, you trying to kill us or something?”

and next thing you know you feel fatigued and the energy pulls downward.

Not because you’re actually tired. Your body is actually perfectly capable of running more. It’s the most amazing mental exercise to take control of your mind in that moment and say, “I’ve got the energy. I have the power to continue” and then feel the energy and vibrance return like magic.

Running is one of the fastest methods of building GRIT.

(click HERE for a great discussion on “grit”)

Runners have some of the most resilient minds because of that.

So I know it may seem like something you hope to avoid… but I assure you… there’s no greater method of developing a more resilient mindset than running.




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