How to Own Real Estate in 2 Years or Less on (almost) Any Income

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
4 min readJan 10, 2024

Honestly, most people can already but I know some folks who remain fearful and others whose incomes are low because of unfair wage laws in their states.

The financial limits for those working for low wages is the real reason I am writing this today.

A 2-year Sacrifice can get you into a wealthier and more comfortable lifestyle

First — Why?

Owning property, even if you only one one home, is leverage into far more wealth growth opportunities.

Some people simply pay off their homes so in retirement they can live rent and mortgage free.

But many others leverage their home to create lines of credit that they can use for emergency funds, business investment, college education and much more!

Others also use lines of credit or cash out refinances to fund the purchase of additional real estate and growth wealth through real estate investment.

Second — How?

For those with low wages, it can seem daunting and dang near impossible to make this happen.

but there are strategies and here’s how it works.

You could use one of my Savings challenges — Click HERE to see those.

Or you could follow this formula.

The 2-year sacrifice.

#1 — For 2 years, share a living space with a few others. How many? However many it takes so that your portion of household expenses is no more than 33% of your income.

For example, if you make $2400 a month, you want your expenses to be $800 or less each month for rent, water and utilities.

#2 — Save 33% of your income and refuse to touch it ever. In our $2400 example, you would save $800 each month for 2…



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