How we are supporting the future of Louisiana and how you can too

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
2 min readMay 4, 2024

Do you remember being under 25 years old? The challenge of figuring out how you were going to start a career, maintain social connections, navigate the world, etc?

It’s a crucial point in our transition into adulthood - and if we are fortunate we meet someone older who is willing and wise enough to provide guidance.

I am grateful to Dr. Toni Muhammad, Judy Johnson and the late Professor Pollock (may he rest in peace) for the time they dedicated to myself and several others.

That is the mission of CILI — Career Immersion Leadership Institute-to provide coaches, workshops and the extra support needed for young adults to more easily and quickly develop their foundation for success.

We have now been doing this work for 4 years and here’s the data:

The alumni got their first career faster than their peers after graduation and they earn 37% more than their peers across the state.

The CILi process is working and we are excited to see what’s to come for 2024. Click HERE to add your donation.

Click the Video below to hear from CILI Board member and former NFL Saints Wide Reciever - Marques Colston about why he supports the young people and coaches of CILI.



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