I have a hard time feeling the same thing others do on 9/11 in the USA

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
1 min readSep 11, 2023

I feel the same shock and dismay and the grief for the lives lost, the lives impacted and the change in that sense of safety we all had prior to. But… there’s something else that I cannot ignore: guilt and anger

Guilt and anger for the many times others around the world have and still do experience days without safety — experiencing the sounds of buildings crumbling, gunfire, disorder and pain and suffering every week.

But for us in the USA to focus so potently at this one day of instability and loss of security — it just pales in comparison to a life lived in disorder.

What policy and practices should we implement and follow inside the US and in our actions around the world to secure a balanced and safe society on a global scale?

Simple things that show respect and value to others — value for their rights, value for their work, value for the goods they produce, and value for the ways we are all connected to each other and to this planet.

These are the questions I ask today — and everyday.

To me #NeverForget goes way beyond September 11, 2001.



Jessica Bordelon Mashael

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