Moving to New Orleans? — 3 Things to Prepare For

What you need to know before going to New Orleans

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
3 min readJun 8, 2024

Are you moving to New Orleans? or maybe thinking about moving to Nola?

If they told you “there's no where like New Orleans” they were not lying to you. New Orleans is its own amazing universe — you will either love it or hate it. I have never met someone “lukewarm" on their feelings about New Orleans.

So before you make the move here are 3 Things you need to prepare before you move to New Orleans.

1. Let’s start with the rumors-- The city is far safer than the news or social media tells you.

To be honest, smaller towns around the nation are seeing more issues with crimes and drugs than a lot of the cities. I just heard a story while exploring a small town hours away from New Orleans about the small town’s insane crime rate and drug problems.

New Orleans has some particular spots to be cautious but the city is just as safe as most other cities in the US.

Want the inside scoop on what areas to avoid?

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2. Every neighborhood is its own universe.

Have you heard of the 7th Ward and Treme? Both are well known neighborhoods in New Orleans, but do you know about Gentilly and New Orleans East? Do you know the difference between MidCity and Central City?

There are several discreet sections of the city and each has its own style and flavor. When choosing where to locate your home, you want to choose an area that feels cozy. If you enjoy lively music and lots of movement, like people on bikes, folks playing dominoes, etc--then you want to be in the 7th Ward or certain parts of Central City.

If you prefer a more residential/ suburb feel with larger yards and less music in the streets, then you want to choose Gentilly, Lakeview or New Orleans East.

Want some help locating the right neighborhood for you? Click HERE.

3. The people here will talk to you even if they’ve never met you before.

For some folks, this is a welcome surprise. For others, it’s a shock. But prepare for the random person on the street to say “Hey how you doing baby?” and no they are not flirting. They are just greeting you as both of you go about your daily plans and pass each other.

If you are sitting on your porch or out front of a cafe, someone might just spark up a conversation about the most recent rains or something going on in the neighborhood.

What are you expected to do? Listen and respond with things like “Oh yea?” and “I hear you.” or if you are so inclined, keep the conversation going.


Here are 3 Things to Always Have With You

  1. an umbrella or poncho
  2. water or some form of hydration
  3. wear shoes that can handle the rocky sidewalks and streets 🤣

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