My Love for Real Estate and Construction Started When I was 4 Years Old

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
4 min readNov 29, 2023

Check out the cover image to this article. See the little girl with her backpack? That’s the closest image I could find to match the story.

4 yeas old

When I was 4 years old, our family only had one vehicle and my stepdad worked in construction. So every morning, my parents would pack us up at 4:00 AM. I would wrap up in the blanket my grandmother had made for me and get my backpack together.

Every morning, would be filled with the sounds of classic music by BB King, Cookie and the Cupcakes, and Ray Charles, and the smells of baked biscuits and warm coffee.

Then we’d head out to his worksite. He drove dumptrucks most of the time and I can remember how tiny I felt at 4 years old, standing next to those monstrous trucks.

Every morning, my stepdad and all the folks in construction would be up, breaking their backs, in my dad’s case, literally, to build the world around us.

That’s one of my earliest memories — the hard work that goes in everyday to build the world we enjoy.

9 years old

Fast forward to when I was 9 years old and my family was building our new home. Everyone participated because this was a way to reduce the cost of construction. Our family did not have a lot of money so every task we could cover meant a lot to our bottom line.

(Our parents did the plumbing, electrical and installed all the sheetrock!!! They also installed all the cabinets and built the bathroom vanities, installed the tubs and sinks.)

Me and my younger brother had to bring nails and hammers, drills, etc to the work crew. We had to hold lumber steady while it was measured and cut and a bunch of other small tasks, but my favorite task is in the cover image in the far left — painting!

We learned how to properly prime the surface first so the cover would not only look its best but would also last. Once primed, we learned how to cover the walls with the color coat to perfection.



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