What neighborhood in New Orleans is the safest to stay?-3 safest neighborhoods in New Orleans

This article will focus on crime stats and local opinions.

Jessica Bordelon Mashael
5 min readSep 17, 2023

From 2013–2019, there was a low crime rate and locals enjoyed a steady comfort across all our neighborhoods. Then, something changed and there are many speculations about what it was. It was not only the pandemic of 2020, because by 2019, we already noticed some changes.

The first thing to note is this — most of the city is safe and comfortable.

The biggest issue has been the increase in car thefts but that one specific thing was seen nationwide, as many people with Hyundais and Kias were targeted following the TikTok trend.

In New Orleans though, there was also an increase in shootings over disputes, some of known and others of unknown origin.

And we all have our theories on how the guns got into the hands of so many young people, and there is an obvious need for a living wage law to reduce poverty and the part that mental health plays and more.

But that’s not why you clicked to read this.

You clicked to read this because you want or need to move to New Orleans, and you are nervous because of what you are hearing in the news. So here is the local opinion on which areas have been the most consistently comfortable neighborhoods around New Orleans.

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3rd safest — The university section of Uptown

In addition to local PD, the university officers patrol the area, and there’s a lot of foot traffic between students, tourists, and locals, so with so many eyes in the area, this is a likely deterrent to crime.

This area is listed third because the streets here were built before cars and so they are narrow and some sections are poorly lit. Add that to densely populated space and while it’s mostly safe, just like any city, things can happen. Those things are more often car break-ins than anything, so personal safety is not a common concern here.

Pontchartrain Park and Gentilly

Located in the 70122 zip code, this area is highly desired by home buyers and renters. I get calls all the time because this zip code is reasonably affordable and known for its low rate of crime and cozy residential feel.

There’s a lot less commercial space so this area is not as “walkable” to your basic needs but it is connected to public transportation and car travel here is smooth, since there is not a lot of traffic in general on the surface streets.

One of the homes I have currently listed is an example of this neighborhood, at $260,000, it would be approximately $2200 a month (that includes tax and insurance) and it is newly renovated with a brand new roof.


There is debate on the boundaries to this neighborhood, but essentially every thing from the West side of City Park up to the lake is very similar in local opinion and pricing.

In addition to its low crime rate, it has many similarities to Gentilly. Both neighborhoods have a few coffeeshops and small stores but not a lot of foot traffic or commercial spaces.

Lakeview has easy access to City Park and the lakefront as well as private security patrol in some of the neighborhoods.

This is also, as you might expect, the most expensive of the 3 neighborhoods I have mentioned thus far for home buyers. My rental clients have found some reasonable spaces though, most likely because they are renting one unit in a multifamily space instead of a separate single family home.

Honorable mention: Midcity Near City Park

Part of MidCity has experienced an uptick in crime since 2019, while the part closer to City Park and Esplanade has remained relatively comfortable according to local residents.

New Orleans is one of those cities where you really need a local expert to assist with locating a space, so you can get deeper insight into the day-to-day experience of each location.

There are some spaces often overlooked due to previous issues, such as the home in the image below.

This home is located just 5 blocks from the St Charles streetcar line and 2 blocks from the historic Dew Drop Inn. It is walking distance to a Michael’s Hobby store and Ulta, among other amenities and across the street is a beautiful new construction. I have met many of the neighbors, including the husband and wife across the street and the elders living next door.

If you ever want the inside info on any location, ask the elders.

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